This year has been crazy when it comes to quality edits being released. Pete Le Freq, from Alpaca Edits, put out this rework of Chic’s – What About Me. Bongos, precussions and filters left and right really adds an even more impressive groove to a flawless classic. Not a simple feat!

“I’m always on the lookout for either multi-track stems or midi files of disco, soul and funk tracks. I always go through them carefully to see if there are tracks I can make a rework from. I haven’t tended to a lot of the slower stuff, simply as I use it less in my sets now. For that one, just listening to the original gave me an idea of how it would flow, and the whole thing fell together. Whenever I’m doing a rework like that, I try and get the instruments to sound as close to the original as I can . Normally it involves going through old editions of Top of the Pops and Soul Train to work out the instruments used. I’d also recently bought a load of new percussion sample packs. And the whole thing just clicked. When something clicks in my head, I work REALLY fast – I think that track was done in about 30 hours.” – Pete Le Freq

You can find Pete’s rework on the 4 track player, Burnin’, out on Alpaca Edits.

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