Paul Older (Paolo Vecchiato), with previous releases on Slightly Transformed and Thunder Jam Records goes full out Afro with this four tracker out on Furious Mandrill Records.
“As an opener, Paul delivers ‘A Boo Kee Moon’ filled with a tropical colorful rhythm section, flamin’ hot guitar riffs and joyful Afro vocals. Right next to it comes ‘Cosmicafricano’ dominated by a vigorous bassline ostinato, powerful conga fills and smooth piano chords taking you right straight to the jungle. For our third cut ‘Kuma Kuma’ arrives as a sexy African anthem escorted by dazzling female vocals, a smooth saxophone solo and breathy flutes making it an exceptional cut to start any set. Our last track ‘Monkey Boogie’ closes the EP with acid-retro synths, an outstanding disco guitar riff and a perpetuous growing pad taking us back to the disco jungle, stay tuned for more !!” – Furious Mandril Records
It’s hard to tell where Paolo got his mojo on this percussion clad warrior release, but it’s safe to say that it can exorcise any vibe left from “Last Christmas”. Sun, summer, sex and Afro mojo to boot!

Buy the crafty kutz right here!

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