Furious Mandrill Records have been trendsetting on the Nu-Disco scene with some stellar releases in 2019, amongst them Paul Older’s Togodisco EP. The crazy mandrill lads hail from Italy and the sound they release fits right in today’s clever and muscular disco sets, that ooze of both nostalgia, panache and a punchy slice of beats.
Behind Alexny are Guillermo Gonzalez & Mark Christopher. You should know Guillermo from his Hotmood moniker. They have been feeding their Soundcloud with diffrent flavors of 4X4 based music. Alexny really build things up with crazy latin licks that move straight to your hips on this EP, much in the same vein like James Rod managed to pull of on his Brazil Is Boogie Re-edits player from last year, which was out on Golden Soul Records.

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