Here’s a strange but funkalicious concoction, mixed, loved up and compiled by The Melting Pot.

The Architects of the Good Groove have again delved deep to find untapped disco gold material and update it for club systems and basement parties alike. 
With infectious tracks plucked from obscurity, full of original touches as long extended mixes instead of the usual dull radio edits 

The four-to-the-floor pulse is imbued with a suggestive bit of shuffle and swing, with accents on the two and four. 
The grooves are more restrained than techno’s, leaning back rather than barreling forward; rich in harmony and atmosphere, buoyant as a jellyfish, bursting with lush textures and phosphorescent tones. 

The music here is highly reflexive; it allegorizes and extends the aesthetic of sampling, 
where the remixed version challenges the aura of the original and claims autonomy even when it carries the name of the original; 
material is added or deleted, but the original tracks are largely left intact to be recognizable.

– The Boogieman (scissored from Bandcamp)

This raises more questions than it answers, but who needs answers when you can kick it like it’s 1981?

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