Playing With Knives by Bizarre Inc (Andrew Meecham (1990–), Dean Meredith (1989-), Carl Turner (1988-1997) out of Manchester) has had a legendary status since its conception. It was the pinnacle of Rave, and was everywhere in Europe, and England in particular. It made its way onto 7 megatons of compilations, megamixes and had around 7 or 8 different mixes.

Quick facts about Playing With Knives:

  • “Playing with Knives” uses vocal samples from the 1990 house track “Shelter Me” by Circuit. Later in 1991, Circuit released a remix of “Shelter Me” known as the Retaliation Mix, which itself samples the acid bassline from “Playing with Knives”.
  • The American/British act Blue Pearl used the song as their basis for their 1991 single “(Can You) Feel the Passion,” which went on to be a bigger hit in the United States, reaching number one on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart in 1992. The group mentions “Playing with Knives” in the chorus.
  • Parts of the song were sampled in the 1994 hit dance single “The Rhythm of the Night” by Corona.
  • In 2011 Angie Brown covered the song with Rachel Ellektra. Their version was released as “Playing with Knives 2011”.
  • In 2014 the song’s sample was used in the single “Got to Be Good” by Peter Gelderblom and Randy Colle.
  • In 2015 a sample appeared in “Ruffnek” by FineArt.
  • Elements of the song can be heard in the chorus hook of the Pet Shop Boys‘ 2016 single “The Pop Kids.”
  • The piano riffs was sampled in RatPack’s 2017 track “Got To Have Your Love.”

So… we thought “Playing With Knives” by Bizarre Inc. from 1991 actually sounded a bit disco underneath all that breakbeat noise, and we decided to have a go. Hope you like our version of it. 

– Drop Out Orchestra
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