SloMo Disco afficionado, Chuggin Edits (Gary Poulter) is known for his consistently solid slow-disco and funk edits, and has been quite prolific with releases on Alpaca Edits, Masterworks Records, Hot Digits and Bandolier. At the end of the year he compiled and mixed an incredible set comprising his own favorite edits and reworks from 2009-2019.

Here he takes Chris Rea’s “Josefine” where other editors failed. Many seem to prefer the horrible french 12″ version for some reason, but Chuggin Edits crafts upon the original with some finely tuned new elements and some nicely played looping. This is how you take a golden oldie with 90.000000 miles of airplay behind it and pimp it for a modern floor.
Also being an all over nice fella, and appreciating his followers, he’s giving this gem away. Full support!

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