Undoubtedly Streamer is a madman. He’s also a fearless, and that’s a potent combination in any function. He’s extremely busy, with tons of edits under his belt, and he really likes to use D’n’B, Hip Hop-ish spin on his edits.
This edit is mental, taking the disjointed original, giving it the audio equivalent of an Iron Man armor.

? THINK DIVERSE • LISTEN WIDE • SMILE MORE ? Welcome to the wonderful audio adventures of STREAMER, I compose Genre Jumping remix concepts (Schizophonica) by means of swift n crafty audio manipulating, multiple live instruments, Stem recordings, Scoured Acapella’s, found sound, field recordings, a tonnage of studio trickery, a microphone and some homegrown ….. but mainly I like to tell & share entertaining stories. This is my story book, to pass on my own STREAMER renditions of musical tales from long ago, Relive the magical myths and pop legends that I grew up with, from the most popular storytellers in my lifetime. Its my GIFT to you……..and quite a prolific amount of Love is here to be shared. I think of my compositions more as Theatrical music, Radio Plays, Audio Quotes, Skits, Episodes, Chapters…. Remixed to stay lively, Refreshed to be humorous, Retold to be edifying, Revamped for the challenge to flirt with the most iconic tunes ever created, and Revised for the FUN of a cracking good story. 
Oh, sure…. some of it you could dance to as well, but I’m happy if my Re-Entertainment creations put a sweet smile on your face 🙂 
Nuff said……….any questions?

Love from Streamer. 
UK In Exile in Amsterdam 2020

Don’t stop playing. ?

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