Yello has had a seminal impact on the whole EDM scene. They pioneered a sound that has been imitated and copied, but never rivaled or equaled.
Mean Fiddler aka. DJ Pied Piper lovingly dubs and adjusts with a sly and sophisticated modern appeal on this hard to touch classic, and succeeds admirably.
It appears on an older release from 2015.

“A fine complied selection of 12 INCHED Secret Weapon TracksS Regrooved and Re-Rubbed for the FLOOR 
Remixes / Regrooves / Acetates / Edits / Waxes / Flips / Re-Cuts / Rejams / Restructuring / Reconstructing / Revisions 

Essential for anyone who loves modern dance with an edge 
All the tracks ooze a true dedication to and love of music. 
This a re-edit album, such is the artfulness in the featured tracks re-assemblage that it in fact feels as if The Crew was in the studio engineering and producing alternate takes of solid gold classics, while in fact many of these reinterpretations feature some 15 years later! Astonishing then that some of them improve on the originals.”

The Groovemaster on Bandcamp
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