Alastair Lane exploded onto Discoholics Anonymous with his track My Love, which was released on Nervous Records. Right now, Alastair (Arthur Le Mener) is working on strong new material, AND caressing and polishing his mixtape for us. But that’s a secret, so don’t tell ūüėČ
This time around Alastair thrusts deeper and harder. Alastair signed with Maison Eros’ √Čros Music which is a newly started label of Maison √Čros, a Parisian clothing brand inspired by the Dolce vita lifestyle, a Parisian state of mind and vintage clothes.¬†Alastair Lane steps away from his Nu-Disco/feel good flavors to a more urban and mature expression, that utilizes all the things you’d expect from a trendy Parisian label.

“We aspire to become a label of creation working with different mediums like fashion, artwork creation, music and photography.”

– Maison √Čros

Alastair slowly fades in a wistful chanson sample, dropped a few octaves form being transposed, before hitting “ignite” on the boss kick. Electronic licks and lingerings laces it sophistically, before adding a retro bass synth that supplements the mix beautifully.
This fast paced jammer is living somewhere between Deep House, French Lofi 80’ies pop and erotica. Throw it in the mix after sunrise and see it shine.

Links of interest:
Alastair Lane on SoundCloud
Maison √Čros on FB
Maison √Čros on Instagram

Bonus treat? Check out Alastair’s mix for Maison √Čros:

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