Danny Worrall’s Masterworks Music turned 5 recently. Not many labels in the genre can boast quite the roster Masterworks has gathered over the years, and this release makes this fact like a 20 tons block of concrete. 
With names like 80s Child (headhoncho Danny Worrall), Dr Packer, Andy Buchan, Fingerman, Lup Ino, Ziggy Phunk, Monsieur Van Pratt, Alkalino & Rayko, this is by far the most potent display of power to date from Masterworks, and pound for penny this is an incredibly cheap way to stack up their best releases from the past five years. 

Personal favorite of ours is the unmissable “Destiny” by Ziggy Phunk, a sparkling gem with a potent mix of Italo Disco and 80ies synth pop, borrowing more than a little from Imagination’s Music & Lights. A deep, rolling bassline sets the ball rolling, and once the tacky vocals chime in, you just know this is one of those tracks that’ll dwell your playlists from that day on. 

You can settle your edits cravings for a long time with this, and if you’re new to the genre, this is a perfect stepping stone to get your collection started. 

There’s some great insight to be found on LeViseteur’s blog about the anniversary.

Listen to the whole thing here:

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