Mango Sounds have been stirring up some commotion with the emphasis on motion with their first four releases. They’ve already managed to market a distinctive sound oozing of Friday night parties and uptempo feel good mood to boot.
Dutch power muffin HP Vince aka. Vincent Kriek gets the honors on MNG005. HP Vince has prior to this had releases on Disco Revenge, Solid State Disco, Chopshop, Springbok. He fits Mango Sounds weekendy and cheerful uptempo scheme quite perfectly.

The nice lads on Lisztomania Community broke this track onto the web yesterday.

A lo-fi piano riff and a dialed back kick gradually gets the party started, before the the main hook dives in with horns and xylophone turns it all into gold. The main hook is one of those “get-in-your-brain-and-stay-there” kind of deals where you involuntarily start bobbing your head and tapping your foot along with the rhythm.

OUT 02.14.20

HP Vince has a Soundcloud

Mango Sounds demands your ears. Do not resist!

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