Last time Ganbatte Records reared its head on these parts, it was with their Yello interpretations. Now they are back, same outfit, new mission: KRAFTWERK!

Labelboss Fabiolous Barker Opens with a heady trip to London Endless. A bleep bloppy thin layered electronic piece that eins, zwei, drei, vier get’s the EP off from start.

Dim Zach leans forward, on what is the EP’s strongest offering, like a Tour De France cyclist downhill with a death wish. The Supermodel. It lifts the pioneering track to new heights, yet maintaining the heart and soul lovingly, in a by now classic Dim Zach-ian way.

In comes Carlos Gatto with the piece’s hardest hitting rendition. Computer Liebe, or Computer Love. Sampling the seminal track, adding it to a danceable, trancey and lingering backdrop. Sacrilege some would scream. Innovation we say!

Don Dayglow closes the party with a freshly painted and updated bicycle ride that is Tour De France. Keeping both purists and innovative spirits happy.

Ganbatte Records once again proves that updates can be fun and thoroughly enjoyable. We recommend it!

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