If you’ve been listening to our latest podcast, you no doubtably noticed Dim Zach‘s flawless edits. We previously featured his phenomenal edit of Boney M’s Boonoonoonoos (and don’t miss his entry on the latest We Are The Remix part 1), and this time Dim Zach (Dim Zachariadis) takes on a Brazilian classic from the early 1990’ies – Carrapicho’s Tic, Tic Tac.

Overall bringing the vocals to front, you catch yourself chanting along this rump rumbling bossa tinged tune.
Dim Zach proceeds to add claps, percussions and emphasizing the bassline and drums to embellish a fantastically faithful update, yet managing to raise it several bars over the original production.
By doing so Dim Zach has gone on to add new life an vitality to this forgotten gem.
The only let down is the slight shortening (around 30 seconds) of the original. We would have loved a full out carnival breakdown.

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