Monsieur Van Pratt (Jesús Rodríguez) is omnipresent at the moment. Prolific producer as well as tearing up decks DJing where ever he can, and recently launched his own label, Super Spicy Records.

With this two tracker on always enjoyable Sundries, Monsieur Van Pratt opens the ball with a deluxe groovin’ 70ies beast, Live Free, with sax solo and full out orchestra to boot.
Lush pasteures of horns and bass and rhythm guitars mix flawlessly with Van Prat’s

Afrosoul is just that! Soulful forgotten Africana Disco from the third most worn down record groove this side of the century. On top Van Pratt tops off this desert with plenty of cream and cherry to keep the crowd happy.
This goes to prove, that if the groove is right, a good DJ and producer can get a party started on even the thinnest groove on a record.

Don’t you just love those Sundries covers?

Out now on Traxsource exclusively.

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