Dimos Zachariadis (Δήμος Ζαχαριάδης) aka. Dim Zach has really impacted with us. His unique sense and gentle way to go about his editing, is second to none.

You probably already took notice when we shared his amazing Boney M edit, or his samba infused Tic Tic Tac. Here you will hear a new side of Dim’s eclectic talent for sure.

Most may know Amii Stewart from her gigantic hit Knock On Wood. That Loving Feeling was released in 1984 and was produced by Paulo Micioni and arranged by Michele Francesco Puccioni (Mike Francis).

Dim Zach completely keeps the deep and sensual soul vibe and gently boosts the deeper parts of the arrangement (new bassline, drums and percussions). And adds a completely new intro to the song, that oozes of metropol and night time.

The rework was released on Midnight Riot on their Balearic Headspace Volume Duo and proves Dim Zach to truly be at the peak of his game.

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