FabioLous Barker and krew reimagines this klassikk Kraftwerkian wunderstück in all its electronic splendor. Surgically dissecting it and reassembling it, piece by piece like the bride of Frankenstein, Dr. Barker and his staff of audio-surgeons blow new life in this beauty of a release.

Opening with Barker’s own reworking of Disco Lights (Neon Lights of the Man Machine album from 1978). A computerized and bleepy reimagining of the original with lots to both attract new fans, and compel the purists.

Dim Zach‘s version of Das Model now has more vocals, from the original release, for those who missed that on Part I. We thoroughly support this one, as we did on Part I.

Carlos Gattos version of Computer Love, gets a instrumental version. Nuff said.

Don Dayglow‘s entry from Part I is absent in any form, but is instead replaced with another gem from FabioLous Barker, Computer Liebe, re-loved as a Discopian femme fatale vocalized version for the 2020’ies. This adds a fine conclusion to this excursion into the origins of electronic music.

Check out our review of Part I here!

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