Ladies On Mars (Jonathan Douglas Braverman) dropped this huge bomb March 20th 2020.

Ladies On Mars have been a staple on Midnight Riot! with some really solid and powerful releases over 2019. The sound is tightly crafted with heavy emphasis on powerful bassline work and crafty hooks.

Imagine two opposing blocks with locked down citizens, young and old. A window opens, and “Don’t Love Your Stop” lowpass filters into gear before the low frequency bass starts roaring. The speakers are dragged as close to the open window as possible. People start popping out their heads, trying to make out where the sound is coming from.

Now enter the soulful vocal hook! The block party is now in full effect.

Hey Guys! We are living in difficult and very strange times everybody around the world, we need to stay at home, together we can get out of this , help each others, stay at home!
I try not to stop doing what is best done … MUSIC!!!! For that reason, for this reason, I want to share with you, the first Ladies On Mars quarantined release available only through Bandcamp
Any help you can do will be massive!

– Jonathan Douglas Braverman (Ladies On Mars) on facebook

Although the circumstances are worrying and massive, Ladies On Mars reminds us that as long as we take care, don’t forget the love and wait this shit out, we’ll be fine. Don’t stop believing. Don’t Stop Your Love! And let’s make sure the artists get through this by supporting their talent. Sharing Is Caring, as long as you chip in.

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