Dexter Jones (Danny Carroll) has been a staple in Disco/Funk/80‘ies edits for years. With releases on labels like Midnight Riot, Alpaca Edits, Thunder Jam Records and Disco Balls Records he’s far from rested on his laurels.

His inventive and funky edits range genrewise from Soul/Funk/Disco/Boogie.

Discoholics Anonymous previously released his magnificent edit of Sharon Redd’s “Never Give You Up”.

“We will be featuring more exclusive edits from Dexter Jones, that have never been available before over the course April, May and June 2020.”


We’ve featured his work in January, where his edit of Everybody:

For the first time, Dexter Jones has created an exclusive mixtape, available exclusively on Discoholics Anonymous.

“This mix is not pure Disco at all, it features lots of Funk which is probably the side I come down more on.
In there we have some edits by some excellent producers, some original tracks and some edits from my own personal collection, that I have worked on just for dropping in a set.
Currently I am using the time that we all have right now due to the Zombie Apocalypse to create some new originals and if I dig up something of a gem along the way, some edits too.
There were a couple releases early this year and the next one should be a track on the next Hot Digits compilation.”

– Dexter Jones March 2020

Dexter Jones hotspots:


And a great collection of Dexter Jones edits here too:

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