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Disco Fruit Records has been a prominent player on the re-edits scene since 2014. The Serbian label driven by Miloš Đorđević, Disco Fruit has established itself as a leading voice in the genre, and has furthermore been a voice for great new talent.
We talked to Miloš Đorđević about being the soul driving force for a genre, and the proudest moments for the label’s head-honcho.

When did you begin Disco Fruit, and what was the initial philosophy?
I launched a Disco Fruit in July 2014, because I wanted to have open hands to create my own sound without any templates like many other labels.
I’m producing music in Fruity Loops and from there I took ‘Fruit’ and added after ‘Disco’, that’s it

What’s with the Disco connection?
I like Disco from my childhood, because of father’s vinyl collection. Listened all my life. Before I started to produce Disco, Nu Disco, House music,
I was more into Deep House and Tech House world. I got saturated by that sound and then I switched to the Disco, Nu Disco world.

How do you feel that Disco Fruit has progressed over the years?
Disco Fruit is recognized now all around the world. Many people from all continents contacted me and they gave me support. Many big names from the scene played and supported Disco Fruit releases.
This scene is not big currently, but I don’t care about that, because I do that from my heart.
I’m working only with Juno with exclusively agreement, all vinyl and digital releases going there first.

Tonbe/Loshmi (Miloš Đorđević)

You operate under two artist monikers, Tonbe and Loshmi. How do you
distinguish between the two?

 Tonbe is my first alias from 2002. When I produce music as Tonbe it’s mostly
original and sampled music, on the other side Loshmi is for reworks,
 edits, bootlegs etc

The Disco community is small where you live. What are your plans to spread out to the party people?
 It’s difficult to change something here, I gave up long time ago 🙂
I’m focused on my music and gigs where I’m playing around Balkan region and

What has been the most important moment in Disco Fruit’s story so far?
 Definitely 2016. When I started to release vinyl releases. It was big deal for
me and my fans. 

What are your goals for the label in 2020?
 Just keep going like the past few years and I will be satisfied. I’m modest 🙂

Disco Fruit has just released their 8th compilation which instantly peaked the Disco chart on Junodownload, which we covered here.

Next up is the aniticpated Beach View EP by Mitiko. Out on Junodownload.com April 10th 2020.

Check out Mitiko‘s exclusive Disco Fruit mix:

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