Having grabbed EVERYONE’S attention, a bit like Stansfield in Luc Besson’s Leon, The Velvet Stripes zebra their way onto our blog. They know how to steer the party like a cliff side car chase.

Furious Mandrill have a crazy high level of quality on their output already, and The Velvet Stripes helped establish it with their “The Funk Call EP” last year. It’s still on out playlist!

Sugar Baby Disco EP does what the tin says! Four tracks oozing of tropicana and cocktails, laced with mezcal and spice!

Anybody Out There is a Funk driven, playful chicca with a lusty desire. The Velvet Stripes boys keep the tempo high, and really act like dance commanders! This puts the fun and tongue-in-cheek flavor into Disco edits, and we love it!

Asian Girl will charge you a lot less than ten dolla, but will give you the grand tour. We have absolutely no idea what is going on here, but we LOVE IT. There’s a slim line between comedy and eternal party classic, and The Velvet Stripes dangle recklessly on it. If this doesn’t explode your party, nothing will!

Cheeky Tree brings in the calypso sunshiny feeling. Cocktail Disco at its finest!

They literally close the party with a Fruit Cocktail, of the audio kind.
Wah-guitar and sax hustle to get your attention, and the bongos in there will start a regular frenzy.

Again Furious Mandrill does whatever they can to live up to their animalistic nature. Kudos!

Check out The Velvet Stripes here!

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