When this hit our inbox last week we instantly knew, that this was something special. Fascination EP.

Monsieur Van Pratt‘s Super Spicy Records have had a spree of initial super releases with an incredible support from the Disco/Edits community. No surprise, really. Van Pratt has exquisite taste and sense for finding perfect jams.

Igor Gonya (Sundries/Lisztomania Records) is a versatile producer. To us this one stands as one, if not the best, of his productions so far.

A destinctive Latin-American flavor tinges Facsination all the way through. Low pass filtered LatinoDisco oozing with Funk and flavor that goes perfectly with Super Spicy’s recipe for their unique brand of audio hot sauce!

Just Eight is a sly 80’ies licks and grooves, laced with a rock solid fresh layer of audio varnish on top really makes this belter stand out. Trust us! This is going to be on ALL the important playlists this Spring!

Out today on Traxsource as a pre-release promo. Official release April 17th 2020.

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