Andy’s been a favourite of ours for yonks. He does incredible edits and reworks, and is an accomplished artist in his own right. This time around we’re featuring a remix of his work.

Kosmisk is his new player out on Citizens Of Vice. It shows a completely new side of Andy as an artist, with a more House/Rave tinged sound with deep roots to the 1990ies.

Yet the strongest offering on this release is without a doubt Paper Street Soul’s awe-inspiring remix of Come My Way.
Bell chimes gets it flowing and a slow, a simple but incredibly effective bass line sets the mood right away. A breakdancey beat enters, and plucky stabs and strings are toned down and drowned out in a dub manor.

This is ESSENTIAL in your collection. Nothing sounds like this out there, and it will serve a cool and sophisticated tinge to your Spring playlist. Don’t miss out!

Visit Andy Buchan here:

Bandcamp – loads of freebies and a chance to throw some dimes at him


Read our interview with Andy.

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