“Naples boy Noil Rago has been around for a while flexing his nu-disco muscles on imprints such as Electric Friends and Sound Exhibitions. He now turns his head to Fingerman’s Hot Digits Music label for a stunning 3 track EP “Unusual Disco”.


Sambao is a samba flavoured Disco track has a slow and cool groove to it. Noil Rago establishes a sun blushed mood which soaks through the entire track.

Not By Change is a juxtaposition of multi-generical elements, and playful at heart it goes east and west. This is where the EP takes its name from. Unusual Disco indeed.

Stop is the deepest of the offerings on Unusual Disco. Equal measures of Italo, Disco and Synthwave. On vocals we have first generation Cylons stuck in a dub machine.

Fingerman & Belabouche reworks Sambao to a slow drive along the beach front. Sun-drenched Ferris Bueller cool. This is the superb variation over the original, keeping it real, yet building on the atmosphere.

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