Hot To The Touch 170420

Two premieres and a future cut from Mango Sounds! You’re really in for a treat on this episode of Hot To The Touch:

Touchsoul – Give My Love (Whenever)
PREMIERE: Rafael Fernández – Lady DD [Super Spicy]
Gwen Guthrie – Peanut Butter (Ken’s Disco Slammer edit)
Gino D’Angio – Okay Okay (Dim Zach Rework)
The Bar-Kays – Move Your Body Boogie (Drop Out Orchestra & MORAL edit)
Nu Port 62 – Why Don’t You [Groove Culture]
Da Lukas – Fonk Ya! [M2MR]
PREMIERE: Rob Castillio ft. Gledd – Salt & Funk [Super Spicy]
VIGI – This Feeling [Spa In Disco]
FUTURE CUT: Igor Gonya – Nostalgia [Mango Sounds]
Funkatron & Mindbuster – Elation [Peppermint Jam]

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