And Friends is what the label says on the bin: A feeling of commitment, a friendship and a companionship. It’s based around Ezirk, who devised it as a community before adding a layer that is a recording label. And Friends strives to release music with a Disco feeling, but with broad boundaries. Just like the idealism behind the Disco movement in the 1970ies: Stay open minded and share the love!

VA002 is the fifth release of And Friends and sets a new standard. Ezirk and Chemars are joined by Hotmood, Monsieur Van Pratt and The Velvet Stripes. A Mexican showdown as powerful as the lineup would suggest! The tracks vary from melodically funky to boogie in your swaying polyester pants.

“I wanted to generate butt movements globally. It’s a time when people are in dire need of getting their worried minds somewhere else and have fun, dancing at home, hopefully feeling a bit tipsy and lightminded!”

– Ezirk George, Founder & Label Boss at And Friends

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