We’ve been checking out Running Hot for a while now. They’ve been good chaps adding cool edits and rare grooves to their Soundcloud. Their flavour is unique with a distinct sense of style and direction.
They set up camp on Bandcamp with a new compilation with contributions from Jex Opolis, Hysteric, Coolant, Magnus Blomkvist, Aaron Maple, Yucca Mü and Running Hot themselves.

So who or what are Running Hot, and what is all this commotion about?

“We actually met through working together. We’d each been DJing individually for quite a while doing different things and eventually just started DJing together more and more. From there we started to do some online radio stuff (we now do a monthly show on Balamii radio) and set up a YouTube channel where we post music from our collections.”, says Mark Newman & Paul Griffiths (Running Hot).

They have released lots of edits online (mostly via SoundCloud so far) but also had a few come out on a release on Fauve Records a while back.

Dance for Relief is the first release we put ourselves.
We’re going to be putting out two more Dance for Relief compilations over the next couple of months We’ve got some more edits being released on other labels too and our first EP of original material should be coming out later in the year. We did have some nice gigs lined up too but that’s all obviously on hold for the moment.”  

So they fast tracked a Bandcamp base and are now putting out this magnificent collection of rare grooves, edits and strangeness.

Dance for Relief is a project that’s been on our minds for a while as a way of using our music to help raise funds for causes that we are passionate about. With the world currently struggling with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, now felt like it would be the right time to get this project started. The first project under this banner is a compilation of edits, remixes and secret weapons from various friends, with Volume 1 focusing on cosmic, tribal and trancey sounds. 

All proceeds raised from this release will go straight to Direct Relief (directrelief.org), a charity whose mission is to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies, and who are doing great work to ensure that protective gear and critical care medications get to as many health workers as possible.
We felt their work was particularly important in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. 
Finally, we’d like to say a huge thank you to all the artists involved who have given their skills and time during a difficult period to help make this release happen, in support of a worthy cause.”

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