With a trio like this nothing is impossible. Paper Street Soul are Ian Stanford (Slync), Rich Hall and Megan Jones (Cuz Electric). Berrocas & Trackie Bottoms, which is out on Chris Massey’s brilliant Sprechen label, is an exquisite example of what Disco and 80ies synth pop has evolved to in 2020. We recently raved about their remix of Andy Buchan’s Come My Way.

With three original tracks and two bad ass remixes by Chris Massey and Hard Ton this release is a really eclectic.

The original tracks are carried by Jones’s gorgeous vocals and utterly vibrant mix of synth and Disco that’s unique in every way. They really found a voice of their own.

Colour is a mid-eighties tinged break dancey groove with an added portion of groove and sophistication. It’s as if Arthur Baker and the ghost of ’85 spawned a summer child of love.

True is the soulful entry that instantly invites a spark inside of the part of the brain that has a knack for wistful vocals, groovy synth and bass combos. It’s ripe with desire and heartache in the funkiest of ways.

Wonder cowbells its way into a deep boogie that just rings true from the get go. Intricate and multilayered it’s a spectacle to bear witness to.

Chris Massey’s Murky mix of Colour is a Disco hustle with a vengeance, loaded with reverb, filterings and 303s. Put on the white gloves and turn on the strobes.

Hard Ton strips down True to it’s very core and lays a thick electro groove on it. It’s astonishing how much the vocals hold up the spirit of the song, which is selfevident in this daring remix.

This is how you do Disco in 2020!

You can get it wholesale here.

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