Diana Ross is probably one of the most loved artists for editors to take out their editing lusts on.

This one’s a bit to break from the norm! Ladies On Mars captivates the soulful vocals and pours them over a cushion of thick drums, wobble bass line and discoliscious percussion work, which is key to any Ladies On Mars productions as of late.

The result is a king size Disco treat that will sit well on both playlists and in DJ sets. High, high standards from the uncrowned king of Argentinian Disco, Ladies On Mars (Jonathan Braverman)

‘No One Gets the Prize’ is a classic Diana Ross song that I’ve always loved since I was a teenager. But the versions that existed did not fit very well with my current sound. So I decided to make a version of this classico in the style of Ladies On Mars to be able to include in my sessions and everyone can enjoy a new and refreshing version of Diana in the Ladies style!
The first thing I started was with the stanza, finding the rhythm and groove indicated for the theme, and then being able to put together the structure. Once I had the rhythm, the rest simply came alone.

– Jonathan Douglas Braverman (Ladies On Mars)

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