Hot Gorilla Records debuts May 15th with this one that is bound to put them instantly on the map of the Nu Disco community and above.

The label is the brain child of Andy Buchan & Conan The Selector, who knew each other from Dubai, both worked together at the same magazines, DJ’d together, and then moved back to the UK with their families around the same time.
So it’s a given, that they will draw in a lot of talent to their pool of artists. Both are super well established in the business and both have worked with a plethora of cool people in the past.

The first release is by Conan himself, and offers a classic Nu Disco zinger with some lush vocals and versatile remixes.

Goodnight (Original mix)

A classic Disco build up, and some super strong vocals from Sherie lays down a rock solid foundation. If you like Drop Out Orchestra, this is right up your alley.

Goodnight (Andy Buchan remix)

A little more stripped down, still Funky and fresh. As always when Buchan is on the remix, you got a steady quality seeping through the entire production.

Goodnight (Cuz Electric remix)

The real 24K gold nugget for us is this remix! Like taken out of a breakdance ad from 1982, this is as cool a BMX on your 12 years birthday. Cuz Electric has an uncanny knack for timbering remixes from another dimension, and this is just that.

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