Hot To The Touch 150520 On Prime Radio 100.3FM

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Paper Street Soul – True [Sprechen]
Nicolette Larsson – a Lot Of Love (James Rod re-edit)
Sartorial – Wobblecopter [Tropical Disco] 
Innocent Soul – Sad Love [See-Saw] Future Cut
Ann Pebles – B-Ware (V’s Dobro edit) [Vehicle]
Da Lukas – Groove On [Midnight Riot]
Ladies On Mars – No Ones Gets 
FabioLous Barker – Wanna Move My Body [Ganbatte Records] Premiere
The Velvet Stripes – Antigamente [And Friends] Premiere
Frank Virgilio – Nite In Paris [Tropical Disco]
Bumblebee Unlimited – Lady Bug (Archi Deejay edit)

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