Few producers hit them like Paul Older does. Especially his outings on Furious Mandrill have struck true with us, here at Discoholics Anonymous.

His previous effort on Furious Mandrill, ‘Togodisco‘ was in our playlist for a long time.

“The name is Mondodisco (Mondo is world in Italian) due to each track is from different place with different language from the world”

– Paul Vecchiato (Paul Older)

Older prepares for a trip in the world of rhythmic music in less than 30 minutes. So we may not get across all continents, but Older has travelled long and far in his archives to offer some enticing new arrangements that are bound to come across the dance floors in any form or language.

Monkey Funky takes off from the African continental plate, and fuses classic Disco stabs and tribal rhythms to chase away the displeased Gods of the Devine groove.

Los Caramellos has furious mandrills chasing us from the get go! Fuego! VAMOS! Like a guitar riff devised by the Devil himself the groove builds up like crazy. The chorus will have you chanting along as if it was with the high priest on Sabbath.

Mais pops and sparkles with funky panache and Brazilian sunshine. This is what we’d be booming on the Soundboks going to the beach!

Akisakisana closes the ball with percussions to fill a Jumbo. Again Older has found a chorus that will have you chanting along without ever really knowing the lyrics! Brilliant fun!

Paul Older has never been sharper than on this release. Don’t be a fool and miss out.

Get it here

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