Seminal Spanish label Rare Wiri has contemplated this new audio salsa.

A four track excursion into the auditive realms where only Rare Wiri roams.

Cuz Electric (Richard Hall & Meagan Jones of Paper Street Soul) opens up this can of audiosalsa with an edit. This is a well executed Disco/Soul hybrid.

Mexican Disco prince, Monsieur Van Pratt (Jesus Rodriguez) takes it up a notch with a festive Electro/Funk infusion with an electric edge.

Label bosses Rayko (Rare Wiri) & Fran Deeper (Spa In Disco) takes Steve Miller Band‘s ‘Abracadabra‘ down the auditive rabbit hole on this psychedelic treat.

Omnipresent Hotmood goes rogue on the last cut with a boogie to squeeze the last ounce of sweat out of this outstanding offering from Rare Wiri. Uplifting boogie with a soulfully electric tinge to it.

All in all an exquisite delivery from the house of Rare Wiri. Highly recommended!

Bandcamp it here!

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