Hot Gorilla shot into audio space just a few weeks back and now the second opus is out there!

Gentleman editor and producer Andy Buchan turns up the glory effect on this piece of piano House that will take you back to 1989, with throw backs to the Italo House movement from back then.

Conan The Selector, co-Gorilla keeper on the label, takes it to a different level, with a rolling bassline that’s more in the Nu-Disco area. While at it, Conan throws in some saxiness too which raises the groove levels considerably and turns it into a great and funky starter track to get the floor buzzing.

Fingerman gets last dips with his remix. It starts off a bit faster than Conan The Selector‘s 115 BPM rendition. At 120 BPM Fingerman begins his remix with a more or less classic Fingerman approach before he turns the piano riff into a complete Rave breakdown, a full on warehouse sensation.

Hot Gorilla proves that they keep their promises with this second endeavor. Our ears are peeled!

Out now, exclusively on Junodownloads.com.

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