This full blow spinster of a House giant was dropped a few weeks back.

Behind Houseswingers you will find Francesco Ferraro who is the mastermind behind a handful of monikers like Di Saronno and Mindbusters, and obviously Houseswingers too. Houseswingers also draws on the skills and talents of Domenico Pagnotta, Francesco Modesti and Pasquale Cardona, all of whom have incredible skills in the studio.

Francesco always manges to make his tracks amazingly catchy, but here he takes it to the next level. This Rhodes solo hook will drive you into a frenzy! It’s lifted from the jazzy The Crusaders track called ‘Spiral’ Nervous are legendary for a distinctive vibe in their releases. Not only does ‘Right There’ have that, it adds so much more to the bill. Class, the mandatory House kick that made Nervous famous, and a pace that’s mad!

Check it out tomorrow on Hot To The Touch on Prime Radio 100.3 FM!

Check out Houseswingers here.

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