Another hour of grade A+ Discoholic’s choice selection, brought to you courtesy of Prime Radio 100.3 FM.

Dim Zach – Shadow In The Sun [Midnight Riot!]

Vibes4YourSoul – Acaraje [Hot Digits]

Disco Funk Spinner – I Said [Discoweey]

Kaiden – Take Us There [Hot Digits]

George & Gwen McCrae – The Rub (Mikeandtess edit 4 mix) (review incoming!)

Lup Ino – Check Out The Groove

Pookie Knights – Makes Me A Weiner (review incoming!)

Andy Buchan – Higher [Hot Gorilla]

Monsieur Van Pratt – Happiness [Super Spicy]

Ladies On Mars – You Got The Motion (Re-Motion Mix)

Houseswingers – Right There (Original Mix) [Nervous]

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