Fresh out of Hotmood’s imprint, Discoweey,  is a spanking new release from skilled Italian Da Lukas.

Hot Sensation’ is a funky/Disco groover with a touch of People’s Choice – ‘Party Is A Groovy Thing’, and it sure is a groovy thing! It grabs you by the hand and force you straight out on to the dancefloor and makes your butt go boogie. 

It has all the traits that a genuine Funk/Disco track needs, horn-tooting, funky bassline, raspy vocals and thumpin’ beats.

On the flipside we find ‘Disco In Space’ which you with certainty can bring on your next trip to the galaxy created by Da Lukas
With elements of 80’s Italo Disco era and a female choir, Da Lukas takes you on a Moroder-ish bouncy ride containing spacey synths and a rolling bassline.

You can always rely on Da Lukas to bring the party to you!

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