Pookie Knights – Make Me A Weiner [Sundries]

Igor Gonya‘s Sundries label not only vouches for quality but also warrants an eclectic pallet of genres.

Welsh boys, Pookie Knights from the Black Light Disco possé not only gets the coolest cover art of the year so far, but also a title that sticks! ‘Make Me A Weiner‘ is of course a play on ‘Your Love Makes Me A Winner‘ from Arian.

Pookie Knights – Make Me A Weiner was our Future Cut on Hot To The Touch June 19th 2020.

Pookie Knights have crafted a rock solid variant with sweeping effects and re-shuffle of the vocal parts, adding up to another floorfiller from Sundries.

You can catch the Pookie Knights on Black Light Disco every once in a while here and here.

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