The Magic Track – Unfolding Magic [And Friends]

Straight out of jamming Hungary comes ‘Unfolding Magic’ from the The Magic Track, released on Ezirk‘s And Friends Records

The tune like a warm and delightful summer breeze. 
The track seizes hold of the listener from the first chord with headnodding loops, a catchy R’n’B vocal stem, slick beats, Chic-ish guitars and a sizzling pan flute. 

A bubbly Nu-Disco ting that was made to perfection and will sparkle bright in hot summer nights. 

The Magic Track are no newcomers to music prodution, Gio and DRJ, two mates, based in Debrecen, Hungary, each of them has stirred up the club scene over the past few years. 

I guarantee that we will hear a lot from these guys in the future.

These lads also got a podcast with guest mixes on Soundcloud, be sure to check it out

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