1. Ken Rogers – Condition (V’s Jagged Sky edit)

2. Nina – Sea-Line (V’s Black Dress edit)

Kings Of Survival – Devil In Disguise (V’s Retouch)

Rodriguez – Won’t You Hurry (V’s Blue Coin edit)


Not long ago we posted about V’s Edits follow up to the highly succesful Neo Blues Vol. 2 has proved equally succesful, which is no surprise at all. Does Neo Blues Vol. 3 hold its own? Oh yes!

Valique has once more raised the bar for the series to unparalleled heights.

Kenny Rogers opens the mini compilation with his classic ‘Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)‘ immortalized in the Coen Brother’s classic The Big Lebowski.
Valique deepens, broadens and expands this by a ball yard. It’s a delight to lean back and really appreciate the work and effort put into this.

Nina SimoneSea-Line Woman‘ enters the scene for the second cut. As per usual when you have to do justice to Lady Simone, you have to go deep, and you have to go low key. Nobody else handles her like V’s Edits. It’s a spiritual thing!
On each listen I have heard new subtleties that draw me in deeper yet. Exquisite!

Kings Of Survival Devil In Disguise‘ is more than a retouch, although subtly titled. It’s another blue experience with deep aural backdrop that just sucks you into to its universe.

The Sugarman himself, Rodriguez (Searching For Sugarman), closes this phenomenal outing from Vehicle. It was a lyrical voyage into the somberness and depression of Detroit’s outskirts in the sixties. Concrete and Weltschmerz! Valique swoops in like a shadow in the night and subtly and thoroughly reworks this rediscovered classic with a myriad of layers.

No chart or playlist can be without one of these exquisite offerings from Vehicle. He not only stands his ground in the series. He ups the ante!

It’s out today on Junodownload.

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