Too Slow To Disco has been putting out some head turning releases recently.
One of them is the follow up to the acclaimed The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco, which came out in 2016.

This outing is remarkable in many ways. Not only is it dead solid, it’s also a refreshing breath of air seen from the perspective of a Discoholic as myself.

The slow, groovy vibes gets hold of you from the very first beat, and the Too Slow To Disco team has really gone out of their way to dust up and dust off some truly fantastic tracks with some incredible female vocalists.

I can’t single out a track as being the best. All, in their own way, feel essential to the release.

You will like this if you appreciate the power of the slow groove, finely crafted mid- to late seventies soulful Funk groovers.

Check out more from Too Slow To Disco here and don’t miss their amazing Yacht Disco compilation.

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