Our second release is live and ready.

Dexter Jones is ready with the Summer Groove of 2020!

A perfect gentle retouching of The Joneses ‘Summer Groove’ updated and polished for today’s audience. It’s absolutely a track to fall instantly in love with. It oozes of summer, happiness and positivity!

Originally released in 1981 when Disco and Funk were falling off the radar and Hi-NRG was taking over the world, this didn’t reach as big an audience.

The Joneses had an early club hit with ‘Sugar Pie Guy‘ in 1974. The group consisted of five members: Harold Taylor on saxophone and lead vocals, Lee Valentine on guitar and arranging/producing/mixing and conducting, Glenn Dorsey on bass and mixing/arranging as well as writing 9 of the 10 tracks on ‘Keeping Up With The Joneses,’ Richard Pratt on congas and conducting, and Richard Tee on keyboards and arranging.

Thanks to Dexter Jones’ magic touch, it’s now ready to soar like and audio eagle!

You can grab it here:

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