Chris Grubizna – Rare Edits Vol. 2 [Masterworks]

Chris Grubizna has had a slate of releases on a variety of labels this year already. His first Rare Edits was out earlier this year on Masterworks, and now they have released the follow-up.

All U Need is a boogie laden soulful track with a solid kick and slick production quality to it.

Bitter Pleasure builds on the first track both in intensity and atmosphere. Jangling rhythm guitar strums, horns and congas are like palm trees on your sunsetting beach. Perfection.

Gettin’ Down does just that. The tempo goes down a notch and the groove intensifies! Horns and choir girls usher in a proper boogie mood that’s super fly!

Love Me Tonight is proper midnight prowling at its best. Deep velvet Funk from the top drawer. Perfect to get the groove-o-meter to max out.

Miami Vice could lead your thoughts towards a legendary TV show, and this sleazy mid-tempo boogie bandit surely belongs in the vice section of the police squad. Adding a cool synth hook that lingers like maple syrup on a toasty pancake.

Summer Joy closes the six tracker with a sunshiney Disco dazzler that oozes of midnight peak time!

It adds to the first outing in a lot of ways, and the edits on Vol. 2 are all top notch. All of them are tracks I’d love to play in sets, and they have all crept onto my summer soundtrack playlist. You’ll have a hard time finding a favorite among these high quality tracks.

Rare Edits Vol. 2 is out on Junodownload exclusively now, and has already risen to #1!

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