This is different than both Tonbe (Disco Fruit)and Fingerman‘s output.

This belting 303 laden Acid sizzler is fresh out today on Hot Digits on Tonbe‘s new EP ‘Neon Nights‘.

A dialed back top drum loop with a droning synth riff starts off, and a crunchy kick is added before Fingerman dials it all back again, creating anticipation.

The bassline kicks in, and we’re off like greyhounds after the robo-rabbit!
Gregg Holmes, aka Fingerman slowly draws in a sneaky 303 wobbling sensation in his mix, generating an almost rave-like atmosphere.
If you’ve been listening to Fingerman‘s DJ sets over the past few months you might have noticed that he tends to go off in that direction. So this remix doesn’t completely come as a surprise.

You can purchase the EP here.

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