One of Spain’s finest purveyors of Discoholica has got to Rayko‘s Rare Wiri label.

With a playful blend of refined Disco edits and original material, Rare Wiri keeps it fresh, engaging and inventive.

Stephen Richards‘ ‘Jiggery Pokery‘ is a fine example of that.

Jiggery Pokery is fast paced mid-set Space House track with a slight Nu-Disco tint. Richards loves to draw on his Disco roots, so you find funk guitar riffs and spacey blip blops tucked in the mix too.

The overall feel of the piece is House.

Danish Disco darling, Ziggy Phunk, moves in for the kill on the remix. He pulls back the speed slightly, creating a deeper groove. Ziggy Phunk changes the bass radically, leaning on inspiration from Visage to create his foundation for the track. It works a charm.

The back ground synth stabs and general soundscape created by the heavily reverbed synthesizers is Balearic at heart, but with a robotic twist.

Bright Nighlight is a full on midnite House banger.

Classic 808s are flanked with short vocal and synth stabs. Percussions give it a classic 80’s tinge. This is slightly more Club oriented.

You can loot Rare Wiri’s fine store on Bandcamp here.

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