Sauco has made an enormous impression on me. His sound is deep and rich, and he really likes to create an immersive audio universe for his fans.

Something Special’ is out on the Spanish Espacio CIELO label, and it’s a real treat if you’re a sucker for Sauco‘s downtempo tracks!

Something Special is the title track. It’s the releases Italo Disco tinged track with vocals. It lives somewhere in the realms between Italo Disco and House. It has the tightness of a House track, and an Italo Disco soul inside.

Italian Stallion is pure bred Italo Disco at its finest. Sauco builds it up nicely before the drop at 1:09 which is sure to get the crowd jumping. The way it builds energy is amazing!
From there it’s a synth galore trip down everything that made the Italo scene fresh and exciting back in the mid-eighties.

Midnite Movie is a Balearic island breezer that slowly and surely draws you in like a siren luring in ships. This is a powerful display of what Sauco is best at: creating an immersive soundscape that takes you on a journey.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Sauco is one of the artists to keep a close eye on. Huge things are coming from him!

Get it here.

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