Furious Mandrill Records have been putting out one amazing package after the other in 2020. Things have been playful and cheerful, almost tongue in cheek, with an energetic attitude with incredible releases from Paul Older, Alexny, The Velvet Stripes and The Funk District to name a few.

In this incarnation, the Mandrills have assembled something different, without losing the mandrill soul. NFC & Key Sokur are Nelson Cuberli (NFC), Leandro Sokur (Key Sokur), hailing from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Water Love is a soulful, sunny and wistful concoction with a salsa groove. Tons of percussion and tropical sentiment. Incredibly well balanced and mixed to go from a low bumble from the speakers in your speakers at your garden party, to be turned way up and drive people on the provisorily created dance floor. Drinks held up high!

Welcome To Cancún beacons you with its lush keys and Housey vibe. This is the club cut from the release, and it’s a full fledged one at that! Keyboard solos are overpowered by guitar solos, all improvised and following the groove, Blues stylee!

Malaui comes in like a summer breeze, warm, lazy and ready to lift some skirts.
Again there’s a longing, a wistfulness to the track, that just draws me in and gushes tropical warmness over my mind. Just what I need with the Northern European summer climate.

Alexny comes in from the back of the club to finish off the party in style. Taking on remix duties on Welcome To Cancún Alexny takes it even a step up in the club sound. Whereas I have come to expect a sly and playful romper from Alexny, he shows a new side to his obvious talent.
It does the job perfectly and spreads the appeal of the track to another crowd.

NFC & Key Sokur’s Welcome To Cancún is out now!

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