PREMIERE Max Marotto – Brothers EP [Super Spicy]

We’re love bringing you these premieres! Especially when we get to dish out a funky two tracker like this! 

Coming in hot on Super Spicy Max Marotto shoots off his Brothers EP.

Italian Max Marotto comes with 20+ years of experience with releases on Purple Music, Disco Balls and House Tribe Records

In 2011 he topped Traxsoure’s Jackin’ House chart with his remix of ‘Pump Up The Jam’ with Alfred Azzetto

Brothers adds to Super Spicy’s already super popular recipe. It’s a razzle dazzle all the booze on the table kinda deal! 
Marotto lays down a foundation of House and sprinkles a funky, looped riff with the titular being sampled on repeat. 

This is exactly the kind of headbopping shenanigans you’re after, if you want your fiesta grande to go bananas.

Lucky Star is a full on House stomper, no bars held. 
Marotto draws on decades of seasoning to dig deep and tight, building on a Moroder-ish bassline, also introducing classic Italian House keys.

Super Spicy Records, under the helm of Disco prodigy, Monsieur Van Pratt, adds another flavor to it’s Disco enchilada, going all in!

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