Such A Long Long Time

Flippin The Bird

Movin’ On

Sweet Hum

Movin’ On (Paul B Remix)

Flippin The Bird (Fingerman & Chewy Rubs Re-Flip)

Sweet Hum (Stephen Richards Remix

As the title suggests, it’s been a while since Jay Ru be-gifted us with fresh audio. This makes up for the “hiatus” though!
The EP has been over two years in the making, mixing slow-mo soul gems into clattering hip hop-esque house beats

Such A Long Long Time is a soulful slow-mo groover with a wistful feeling like heartache on a Monday.
Wonderfully deep grooves laced with souled vocal samples and strings echoing like memories.

Flippin The Bird ramps up the pace and builds up like a steam train. Jangly rhythm guitars and drum breaks ushers in the head bopping, almost hypnotic groove, Jay ru generates to perfection.

Movin’ On consists of Bluesy laments and creative craziness. It’s the odd bro at the party who ends up having everyone chanting along when he drops his tune on the Soundboks.

Sweet Hum includes a funky baseline and juxtaposition Kraftwerkian synthline. A hazy concoction with reminiscence from the heydays of Rave.
This is the proper trip of the EP.

Movin’ On (Paul B remix) takes out the crazy and adds a ground level of oomph Jackin’ House style, but dialed back. This will block rock your party. And wait for the drop 3:22!

Flippin’ The Bird (Fingerman & Chewy Rub’s Re-Flip) to me is the big time party starter of the month! The way it boogies is just insane. Even the intro drums ooze of party classic. How rare is that?

Strum guitars are joined by piano riffs and the vocals will have you shouting along, and in my case making my own variations as I chant along. (On the flip, have a trip, make it slip, double dip… etc. etc.) Trust me, you’ll get it when you hear it.

I distinctly recall hearing this in one of Fingerman‘s notorious live marathons a while back. Essential tunage for you summer soundtrack!
I SO want more of Chewy Rubs and Fingerman in cahoots!

Sweet Hum (Stephen Richards Remix) maintains a more solid focus than the original, adding direction and a solidness without losing the playful and mischievous soul of the original track.

Gone are the rave-ish vibes, substituted with a Nu-Disco guise.

Jay Ru is back, and let’s thank Hot Digits for filtering and harnessing this massive release!

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