Coming in hot on Midnight Riot, Sam Shelley gets exquisite company from Goux who supplies charming vocals on this prime time romper.

Groove It (Yam Who? Studio 54 Tribute Vocal mix) presents a festive and upbeat, feel good party anthem with grade A production sounds, as we’re accustomed to from Yam Who.
Keys, strings, percussions and a funky bass with tons of laser stabs and even a guitar solo makes for a peak time sound that will have a crowd jumping in no time.

Groove It (Original mix) is an equally strong and evocative Disco house sizzler, which in my opinion has a ready-for-airplay sound.
Sam Shelley throws in some latin brass to super ignite the party, and they work a charm!

Groove It (Rocoe remix) is equally funky as the two previous mixes, but adds a completely different flavor to the package.
The sound is bit more electrical, and analogue, which also suits the song.
Overall it’s a bit more punchy, and has a really great authentic lte 70ies early 80ies vibe about it, that is just infectious.

Midnight Riot reinforce their position as absolutely dominant in the field of funktastic Nu-Disco party anthems.

Get it on Bandcamp.

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