Every time we release something, we’re always super anxious, full of anticipation and psyched energy.

This time it’s no different. On the contrary! When you get to release Drop Out Orchestra, you’re a lucky son of a gun! And when you get to top it off with a remix by the spectacular Monsieur Van Pratt you can basically do no wrong!

Tunga Stenar comes from the deepest part of the hearts of Gary & Inko, who make up Drop Out Orchestra.

It’s an original track with a deep tie to the Balearic traditions. It’s got that island feeling. A feeling we on Discoholics Anonymous Recordings not only LOVE, but also will be exploring more in future releases.

Heavy on the bass, with a House hook that will make your hearts bleed with a wistful longing for sueño winds and Paradisaeidaen birds, mid-flight. It’s got the island spirit!

Tunga Stenar (Monsieur Van Pratt remix) is a faster and funkier outing with sexy sax, and a sueño latino to die for. 

Adding a suave latino feel, Monsieur Van Pratt lends sass and spirit to the deep original. It’s cool as ice!

Already supported by Fingerman, Rayko, Hotmood, Stephen Richards, Esteban and Goz this is certain to be a summer essential!

Check out more about the artists:

Drop Out Orchestra

Monsieur Van Pratt

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